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Football Concessions – Help Needed

REMINDER: Our last home football game of the season is this Friday, October 31st. We are only opening the Home side of the concession stands for the game against Harrisburg and we need a lot of help to staff this game please. We are expecting a large home crowd as the CHS football team does another fabulous job playing. You won’t miss the last showing of Scheherazade! Please sign up to support our band and the football community in the concession stand and have fun with our band families and alumni. Thank you for all your support!  Any questions please email Lisa Burley at lcnjnburley@gmail.com

Visit our Football Game Concessions page for more information.  Click here to sign up.

From the Director


Chapters tickets are still available…

The chapter championship competition is TODAY and I still have  about 25 tickets available for the competition.  You can purchase them from us for $8 each – or you can pay $10 at the competition.  All tickets (student, senior, and adult) all cost the same amount for this competition.

I will have the tickets with me today until they are gone.  First come – first served.

The bus leaves the school at 3:30 today – and lunch will be around noon.

Any student who is remaining at the competition must have the parent submit their name via the online form by clicking here.

Have a great day!

Tonight’s Football Game – IMPORTANT UPDATE

Students – due to the uncertainty of rain tonight please be prepared with uniform options!  You will either wear the normal uniform, or you will wear your summer uniform underneath the raincoats!  BRING EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR BOTH OPTIONS:  white polo shirt, khaki pants, belt, white ‘c’ shirt, white socks, gloves, wristbands, and dinkles.

This will be updated with more current information if/when decisions are finalized.