Keystone Invitational General Information

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The 2016 Keystone Invitational Band Competition will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2016.

Directors: Register your bands here!

About The Keystone Invitational

The Band Boosters of Carlisle have carried on a tradition of hosting a great band competition for thirty-two years. It has been a consistently well-organized event, boasts good food and great bands from near and far. Our commitment to you, your band and your fans is accurate and timely information, a great show, and responsiveness to the needs of all participating units.

The Performance Venue

The competition is held at Carlisle High School’s Ken Millen Stadium.  The stadium features:

  •  Excellent lighting
  • A clear and unobstructed view of the field from all seats
  • Plenty of seating for fans as well as performing bands
  • Easy entry/exit areas for performing bands
  • Well-lit warm-up areas that are just the right distance from the stadium to balance the needs of the performers, pit, props/accessories, and not have warm-ups disrupting other band performances in the stadium

Click here for directions to the event.

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