Fairgrounds Concession Stand Job Descriptions Old

Adults can help with any of four different jobs at the concession stand.  Students can help with one type of job.

Grill (Adult) – Prepares sandwiches and platters using flat top grill. Directs and trains other volunteers as needed. Accountable for cash, security, safety and sanitation during service. Requires an experienced volunteer to ensure the concession stand is ready for business at 6:00 am and/or properly shut down and sanitized at the end of last shift.

Fryer (Adult) – Prepares French fries and home fries using deep fat fryer. Backs up volunteer on the grill as needed. This is an excellent starting position to learn the menu and the way the concession stand operates.

Register/Front (Adult) – Trains students and provides oversight for the front area. Backs up volunteers in all other areas as need to ensure good flow, service, and sanitation during peak business hours.

Back/Prep Assistant (Adult) – Prepares and reheats simple menu items with the support of experienced volunteers and written directions. Reheats using microwave and flat top ovens. Uses the 3-compartment sink to maintain sanitation. This is a good starting position during mid-day or afternoon shifts; morning shift requires prior experience.

Students – Takes and relays menu orders; completes cash register transactions; pours/prepares hot and cold beverages; restocks and maintains sanitation at the service counter; and provides customer service. Assists during opening/closing shifts with set-up and sanitation in other areas. A mix of experienced and inexperienced student volunteers is optimal.