CHS Alumni

 alumnipic2Welcome CHS Alumni! 

We would love to have your contact information to keep you apprised of upcoming alumni opportunities. Click here to give us your information.

There is also an alumni facebook group which allows us to communicate as well!  Click here to join the facebook alumni group.

One opportunity for alumni is to march in the Memorial Day Parade along with the high school and middle school marching bands.  Click here for information on the Memorial Day Parade.

Don’t miss the band history section which contains information from all the previous years of the band! This is a work in progress. If you have historical information you would like to share with the band, please contact Dave Rohrer.

Read about the Flag Restoration project from the Alumni organization in 2016.

Every year there is a Distinguished Alumnus Award given out to one of our esteemed graduates! Click here for more information on this yearly award.

The following Carlisle graduates have received the Distinguished Alumnus Award (click on any name to read their bio):

2022/2023 Award Recipient, Mr. Phil George, class of 2002
2021/2022 Award Recipient, Mr. Nathan Harig, class of 2004
2020/2021 Award Recipient, Mrs. Dyane Jordan Wright, class of 1970
2019/2020 Award Recipient, Mr. Perry P. Heath, class of 1971
2018/2019 Award Recipient, Mr. Eric L. Henry, class of 1972
2017/2018 Award Recipients, Don and Marjie Mowery, class of 1969
2016/2017 Award Recipient, Dr. Bridget Marshall, class of 1992
2015/2016 Award Recipient,  Mr. Larry Hershman, class of 1968
2014/2015 Award Recipient, Mr. Douglas Cook, class of 1979
2013/2014 Award Recipient, Mr. Lawrence Loh, class of 1988