Keystone Invitational General Information

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The 2019 Keystone Invitational Band Competition will be held on Saturday, October 5, 2019 at Ken Millen Stadium. More information will be conveyed as it becomes available.

About The Keystone Invitational

The Carlisle High School Band Boosters have carried on a tradition of hosting a great band competition for over thirty years. It has been a consistently well-organized event, boasting good food and great bands from near and far. Our commitment to you, your band and your fans is accurate and timely information, a great show, and responsiveness to the needs of all participating units.

The Performance Venue

The competition is held at Carlisle High School’s Ken Millen Stadium.  The stadium features:

  • Excellent lighting
  • A clear and unobstructed view of the field from all seats
  • Plenty of seating for fans as well as performing bands
  • Easy entry/exit areas for performing bands
  • Well-lit warm-up areas that are just the right distance from the stadium to balance the needs of the performers, pit, props/accessories, and not have warm-ups disrupting other band performances in the stadium

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To register a band for the competition, contact the band director, Mr. Byron Mikesell, at or 508-444-2221. Other questions can be sent to