Shop with Scrip Fundraising Program

We have opened a account as an ongoing fundraiser for the Band.  Anyone can purchase gift cards at any time.  You can ask family members, friends, and co-workers to purchase cards as gifts, or to use personally.  So how does it work?

You buy store cards through Shop With Scrip.  The store card is worth the full value of the purchase price, but the Band receives a percentage of the purchase price back.  So if you buy a $100 card for Home Depot (for example), you pay $100.  You now have a card worth $100 to spend at Home Depot.  And the band gets back $4, because Home Depot offers a 4% rebate.  Various store offer 2-13%.  These cards can be purchased online or through the Band; online has a quicker turn-around time, but you must get the CHS Band code from Anne Otto (we’re not allowed to post the code, sorry).  Contact Anne Otto at for additional information and ordering information.